Thursday, February 10, 2022

Politeness and Camaraderie: Finding a Seat within Pragmatics Academia


 This brief account is a synthesis on how politeness and camaraderie within my pragmatics social verbal project is verified by recent theories on politeness, impoliteness, and interaction strategies. The account starts with the core issue on politeness and camaraderie, and then it continues with face, face-work, face-threat within politeness and impoliteness researches, face-threat within interaction, and it finally concludes with politeness and camaraderie: finding a seat within pragmatics academia. The account ends with my bothering thought concerning Brown & Gilman’s theory of power and solidarity (1968) as a pragmatic unit of context. This thought is something, as pragmaticians may have missed this pragmatic unit of context, they may have ignored this with some reason(s), or they may have regarded this as a pragmatic trivia.

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