Sunday, January 16, 2022

Acting the Intangible: Hints of Politeness in Non-Verbal Form

 Authors:  Jumanto Jumanto ,Sarif Rizal , Raden Nugroho    


This review paper has explored politeness in non-verbal form to come to
hints for indicating the ideology. Politeness in non-verbal form is
researched by reviewing verbal politeness theories through interpretive
techniques, and then the data in form of interpreted hints based on the
reviews are analyzed by employing a coding technique. The six non-verbal
hints of politeness found out based on the theoretical reviews are
silence for politeness, gestures for politeness, gifts for politeness,
observance of norms, rules, and regulations for politeness, adjusted
behavior for politeness, and performance for politeness. The hints
expectedly provide a sufficient account for non-verbal politeness in
interactions or communication between a speaker and a hearer. The
findings also encourage promoting harmony among speakers of languages in
non-verbal interactions or communication, especially in formal
situations or in the general public. The hints are hopefully also worth
considering in the context of English language teaching and learning
across languages and cultures in the world.


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